MetaTrader Expert Advisor

+118% is our averaged NET GAIN in 2021 across 14 brokers

Individual gains ranged from 33% to 476%

Euronis Generates Passive Income for investors globally

All currency investments are high risk due to high leverage. Consult a professional so you understand the risks and benefits associated with leverage.

Euronis has stood the test of time: 13 years making stable profits annually

Many have tried to replicate our performance & stability..
but there is no substitute for the real thing - Euronis

Start trading today for just $1

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Why Euronis?

Euronis runs quietly in the background

Passive income generation is what Euronis does. It is trading software that you run on your dedicated VPS located closest to your broker.

After the initial setup, which is a simple drag and drop operation, it runs 24/7 without any maintenance from you.

Software updates are applied by a restart of the system.

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Proven results since 2009

Euronis is an automated trading system

Also known as a Expert Advisor, Euronis is a software plugin for the MetaTrader  4 and 5 Trading Platform

One great advantage of Euronis when it trades. Trade time is from 21 – 23 UTC. Average holding time is two hours. This means you can use your capital for other things from 0 – 21 UTC.

Anyone with a forex brokerage account that offers the MetaTrader platform can use Euronis to start earning stable passive income today.

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Brokers that offer Currency Trading and the MetaTrader Platform

Anyone with a MetaTrader Broker

We assume you know what forex is. You might not know what MetaTrader is. LINK

You can easily open an account at a forex broker in your country that offers metatrader. Download it on your windows desktop or VPS and start trading Euronis tonight.

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Euronis has been trading for 13 years

148% Annualized Gain since 2009

Euronis has made over 100% annual gains for its user base since 2009. We use the largest and award winning regulated brokers in the world.

How do we calculate our annual return percentage?
We take the total the gains from all accounts traded in one calendar year, then divide by the number of accounts.

Euronis Track Record since 2009

Euronis default settings

Live account at

Monthly Average Return: 23%

Our results at Oanda

USD Account Type: MT4 Core Pricing + $10 Commission

If you are American  your choices are limited. Oanda is a long time broker in forex and offers high commissions with low spreads. We started trading with them in 2021 and have proven to be a very good performer with MT4. Refer-a-friend discounts available with this broker.

Euronis 2X settings

Managed account at

Monthly Average Return: 26%

Managed at FX Open

EUR Account Type: MT4 ECN + €8 Commission

FXOpen PAMM Technology is the best in the business. Here the option is a managed account in EUR only. The High Water Mark Fee is 30%. Must be a FXOpen International Account.

Euronis 2X settings

Managed account at

Monthly Average Return: 30%

Managed at FX Choice

USD Account Type: MT5 Pro + $7 Commission

FX Choice has been around a long time. Located in Belize, they accept many residents. Middle eastern clients should ask FXChoice about options. So far in late 2021 and now in 2022, trading is going very well here.

Euronis default settings

Live account at

Monthly Average Return: 19%

Our results at FXOpen

Account Type: MT4 ECN plus $7.50 commission

FXOpen has been a leader in Forex trading since 2009 when it created its own bridge. Today is offers some of the best retail conditions but its prime business powers many fx brokers world wide. We offer a 25% discount to any monthly subscription when you join our introducing broker partnership at this broker.

Euronis 2X risk settings

Live account at

Monthly Average Return: 49%

Our results at XM Global

Account Type: MT5 Standard Ultra Low with no commission

XM Global is a collection of brokers with a large number of traders in almost every country. They are coming to American soon. We have traded with them starting in 2021. So far they are performing 2X better than any other broker we use. We suggest using more than one broker whenever possible.

Euronis 2X risk settings

Live account at

Monthly Average Return: 10%

Our results at ICMarkets

Account Type: MT5 Raw Spread plus $7 Commission

IC Markets is one of the largest and most trusted brokers out of Australia. It is not our top performing broker but our clients request ICMarkets more than any other. They have great execution and spreads and are very consistent. Use them in addition to other brokers if you are able to.

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