How it works

Euronis is software that runs on your brokers trading platform.
It needs to be running 24/7 for complete automation.
It is a drag and drop operation once everything is in place.

Step One: Open and fund a broker

You need a foreign exchange broker that offers the MetaTrader platform. There are many quality options globally. We recommend, and

Step Two: Rent a Virtual Private Server

Euronis needs 24/7 market access and the best solution is to rent a dedicated server. VPS servers are $20 a month.  There are many providers to choose from, we recommend CNS, BeeksFX and

man in gray dress shirt sitting on chair in front of computer monitor

Step Three: Install broker software and trade

Install your brokers software ( known as MetaTrader ) and Euronis onto your server. Sign into your broker account and drag Euronis the EURUSD chart. Set your trading preferences and thats the last step.

Now Euronis is fully automated and monitoring the market.

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