How to trade Euronis on your account


Introduce yourself

Tell us which broker you use, your base currency, leverage if any, your intended balance. This information tells us what your expected return should be.

Access to a monitor account

We’ll give you access to live trade performance for your review.

Request the 2 week trial

Management will asses your brokers expected profit factor and if positive, you will be invited to start the trial.

Trial Period

Connect Euronis

Once approved to trial, complete the connector form that enables Euronis to send trade signals to your account.

Compare trades to Monitor

During the trial, your account will be monitored to confirm trade execution within 80% of our official accounts.

End of 2 week trial

At the end of the 2 week trial and upon a satisfactory execution result, both parties can decide on a full production account.

Going Live

Decide on pricing

One you decide on your capital allocation and pay the fee, trading will start.

Fees going forward

Fees are prepaid before the first day of the month to prevent a service disruption.

Months with zero or negative returns

Any month that does not produce profit, the fee for that month is rolled into the next month. If there is no profit there is no monthly fee.