Euronis Scalper Backtest 2019 to October 2021 – Tick by Tick Data Default Settings

Euronis is Algorithmic Trading Software since 2009

This is a backtest anyone can replicate on their own.

The test was done with MT5, Live Ticks from XM, Default Settings, $7 Commission from Jan 2019 to October 14, 2021

To replicate this test:

  1. Get a Live or Demo Account at
  2. Get Euronis from the Marketplace or
  3. Load the EA on the Strategy Tester
  4. Add AUDNZD to the Symbol List
  5. Adjust the Suffix by adding a # for this broker ( might not be required for your broker)
  6. Set the LOTS FIXED = 1 and Risk_Percent = 0
  7. Set TT_Define_Mode = manual_define
  8. Set TT_Manual_GMT_Offset = 3
  9. Press start

note: not all broker provide tick data ( tick by tick real ticks ) for the whole date range

should take 7-20 mins depending on your computer speed.

Here is the backtest Report XM_Global_Report

note: XM Global does not supply complete tick data
See history Quality = 17%
Be sure your tick data quality is 95% or better
shorten your date range until you get 95% quality or better

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