High Yield Forex Investment Fund

Everyone want’s a great return on their investment. Congratulations – you have found a fund that has already yielded 176% in 12 months. Of course its hard to believe so confirm it yourself. MyFXBook has already confirmed the trading account is live and the trade history is real. Next step is to call the broker and confirm the same.

Live Results / Regulated Accounts

Euronis is an automated algo that trades currency. It is managed by two traders since 2009. We have long time clients and do not market our product. Our website is here for our current clients to follow us easily and for our partners like Pepperstone to confirm our system is running on their platform. It is not SEO compliant or full of tracking software and it should only be available in https.

Euronis is a very broker sensitive system and therefore we can only run on brokers that do not trade against us and play with execution. Since the forex market is plauged with such brokers, you will only find Euronis running on a few brokers.

gains_onSince 2012, Euronis has been trading with above average returns for our clients. We are in the business where numbers do the talking. Each one of our brokers is fully regulated so that means your managed Euronis accounts are also regulated.

Euronis History in Forex since 2009

2009 – 2012: Euronis 1.0 available for software download through more than 30 retail FX brokers
2012 – Current: Euronis 2.0 changed to a centrally managed service through qualified retail FX brokers

Euronis has been managing successful Algorithmic (“Algo”) forex trading strategies since 2009 with a document-able track record of capital preservation, and impressive double, and even triple digit returns, year over year. ourhistoryThe company was founded in 2008 by Denis Sotrnikov, a mathematical engineer, and Nick Angeli, a systems administrator. Both men have a deep and a wide range knowledge of FX and the trading platforms it depends on.

Beginning with a downloadable EA on the MT4 platform (Euronis 1.0) and then migrating to a broker-partnered, fully managed service in 2011 (Euronis 2.0) the strategy has shown consistent capital preservation, with low drawdown activity, while performing above standard with greater than 70% average annual returns, over all assets under its management, right up to the end of 2014. (all trade data fully verifiable) The evidence shows that the strategy works.

Ongoing development of our algorithm has been in live production since 2009. Our managed account products execute trades in NY4 (New York Open) and LD4 (London Open). Our technology is flexible and robust enough to allow us to work with the most common FX platforms like MT4 all the way up to sophisticated black box FIX 4.4 instances.

QUESTION: If you are so good, why have I not heard of Euronis?

No PAID social marketing or advertising has ever been done to promote knowledge of the program prior to 2015 and the program has largely been available only through referral and professional word of mouth. We only published our website in 2012.


Since the company’s algorithmic trading strategy is so broker dependent for performance, the company has allocated extensive resources to monitor brokers for spreads and liquidity to ensure that the Euronis strategy performs at acceptable levels. This has led to the release of Euronis’ Spreadvantage tool which monitors broker feeds in real time. SpreadVantage is available as a WordPress plugin.

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