Euronis is Forex Algorithmic Trading for Hire


  • We conceive, build, deploy and improve the Euronis FX algorithm.
  • We lease the trade signals to suitable managers and clearing firms.
  • We can customise the trading behavior to best suit your liquidity.
  • We are available 5 days a week by phone or chat, real people, real service.
  • Our 8 years of experience has been converted into a very scalable service.

How our engine connects to you


  • Our proprietary algorithms are maintained and managed in London.
  • We connect to your liquidity in London or New York by FIX / API.
  • You enable or disable the trade signals thru global management.
  • Retail IB’s who want to use their broker in a MAM/PAMM environment:
    1. We must be able to connect to your broker by FIX
    2. The broker must accept limit IOC orders
  • We can provide an optional white label portal to manage your business.

Value and Resources for our Clients

Paid to think

  • From 2009 to 2015, Euronis has averaged a 165% yearly capital gain.
  • Euronis has stable order production with high profit and fast recovery.
  • We offer deep analytics and global monitoring of various liquidity streams.
  • Our founder Denis is a mathematical engineer with focus on currency patterns.
  • Our code is currently in use by 30+ clearing firms / brokers and has never been hacked.
  • We are extremely experienced in improving liquidity and software to improve profitability.

STATS: Orders, Volume, Win and Loss Stats

Current 2016 Live Equity Curve

2009 – 2015 Equity Curve ( % compounded )

Euronis vs. diversification ( % compounded ) 2009 – 2015

Averaged yearly gain is 165% with a 68% win rate and 35% drawdown

Averaged banked pips are 11.6 and average pip loss is -13.8

Averaged holding time is 7 hours and trade times are typically 20-22GMT

Euronis typically has no weekend carry trades and doesn’t trade end of day Friday.

Last 12 months of trade volume (snapshot)

Win to Loss Ratio

Historical gains from 2009 – 2015


Current 2016 results

Capital Gain Calculator

Enter your deposit value in BLUE in the table below to see what your return would be currently and historically.

Enter Your DepositCurrent 2016 GainTarget 2016 Gain2015201420132012201120102009

Existing Trade Partners and Welcome Applicants

Euronis is an institutional product and only available to institutional clients ( not individual investors.) We take great care in vetting our managers, technology partners and liquidity providers. We currently work with the most honest and reliable partners in the industry today. This comes after 8 years trading FX. New clients are always welcome to pick our brain and ask the questions important in this industry.

Liquidity Providers we connect with

FIX connection, reconciliation, execution export, logs, conflict resolution

Regulated Asset Managers

regulated $1M+ AUM


Introducing Brokers

$100K+ AUM with vetted broker


Retail Brokers we have worked with

FIX connection, reconciliation, execution export, logs, conflict resolution

  • FXPig
  • Pepperstone
  • ILQ
  • FXOpen
  • ICMarkets
  • LMAX
  • GlobalPrime
  • Sensus Capital
  • Squared Fi.
  • ActivTrades
  • ATC Brokers
  • CFH Markets
  • Divisa Capital
  • FinFX
  • FXCM
  • Gallant Capital
  • IBFX
  • JFD Brokers
  • ICMarkets
  • Sucden Financial
  • ThinkForex
  • Tier1FX
  • VantageFX
  • Hantec
  • ADS Securities
  • Darwinex

Technology Providers we work with

Technology – FIX spec, custom programming, NDA

How to use Euronis today

  • Euronis is offered as a signal service with an on/off switch.
  • To qualify as an official re-seller partner or institutional user you must:
    • Be a regulated asset manager with $500K min capital.
    • Be a registered I.B. with a qualified broker and $100K min capital.
    • Provide a FIX 4.4 connection with documentation
    • Provide a pricing feed with no spread mark-ups or filters
    • Allow LIMIT IOC orders
  • To apply or inquire about using Euronis – contact us

For Individuals buy here:

Our History – 2008 to 2016

  • 2008 the idea for Euronis was conceived as additional income.
  • 2009 the Euronis (forexover) was offered as a social trade strategy in the retail FX market
  • 2010 to 2012 the Algo had an active subscriber user base of 2,000+ global investors
  • 2013 to 2016 Euronis was only offered to qualified investors as a fully managed service
  • 2016 Euronis is only available as an institutional service thru managers.

Proprietary – One of a kind software


  • The Euronis code is currently on its 9th major revision.
  • The software is in constant development to match the cycles and patterns of global money.
  • Euronis itself is not for sale or exclusive use.

Global Liquidity


  • Global FX Liquidity is not unlimited despite popular belief:
    • We closely monitor liquidity providers fill rates, TOB and execution as not to move markets.
    • We respect and recognize the problems associated with double-tapping liquidity



  • Our white label clients remain private unless requested to be placed on our website.
  • Our connections are generic FIX 4.4 IP traffic with no identifying headers.

Terms of Use


  • We outline a strict usage policy of our proprietary software.
  • Any copying or re-broadcasting is not allowed and enforced with legal action.
  • We offer a month to month usage contract, either party has 30 day notice to alter service.