How do we produce above average returns?

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It’s simple, experienced leadership. Successful systems never stay successful for long unless they’re able to adapt to new market conditions. Markets change because new players enter the market and trading volumes and patterns change with them. That’s the human factor that any successful system needs to account for, and Euronis’s track record has shown it knows how to meet those changing demands.

Combining artificial intelligence with professionally-managed market savvy, Euronis does it all for you, maintaining your success, year after year, as it has for all of its long term clients. That’s why brokers and fund managers around the world have integrated the Euronis service right inside their own platforms and that’s why it is so easy for you to use. No downloading, no configuring, and no market tweaking.

YouTube Introduction

$10K invested in Euronis is up 85% in a year vs others*

$10K last year = $18,500 today.
(2013 – 2014 Sensus account history and our latest version)

We started with Sensus Capital last year and the results are posted (here is the direct link)

All our accounts are live a verified by (explained)


Compare Euronis to the traditional investments we all know:

The investments below are the typical investment managers promote. You can see how we outperform traditional investments from 52% to 95% better. These are real numbers, real accounts and all 100% true ( verified by the broker )

$10K in Apple

1 Year = $13,200


Earned 52% more than Apple Computer

$10K in Gold

1 Year = $8900 -


Earned 95% more than Gold!

$10K in the S&P

1 Year = $11,500 +


Earned 71% more than the S&P

$10K in ETF's

1 Year = $11,100 -


Earned 74% more than exchange-traded funds

Apple Computer – 1 Year
Euronis is 52% Better

Apple Inc 1 Year

Gold USD – 1 Year
Euronis is 95% Better

Gold 1 Year

S&P 500 – 1 Year
Euronis is 71% better

S&P 500 1 Year

ETF’s- 1 Year
Euronis is 74% Better

ETF 1 Year

*Reality Check & Disclaimer: All investments carry a high level of risk, Forex included. We are not promising you will get the same results that are shown here. We are showing our true and correct trading history. The other indices like Apple, the S&P, Gold and Oil are also true and correct 1 year statements. Forex has a reputation for ‘get rich quick’ – we do not respect that mentality. You must only invest money that you can afford to lose. Investment accounts go up and down, if you enter the investment just before it goes down, you must have the strength to stay in it until it recovers. We love the quote, “The only people who get hurt on a roller coaster are the people who jump off.” We recommend that if you do have money that you can afford to invest, that you invest it and once your money has doubled then, you withdraw your original balance.

United States of America(USA)US Clients can finally use Euronis!

November 2014: Sensus Capital is now accepting American clients.

Performance: The Proof Is In The Profits

We believe in transparency. We publish our live accounts via 3rd party tools for all to see. Transparency shows our gains and our losses. While our average trade time is only 57 minutes, we are long term traders with a proven strategy. Our code is always being improved and adjusted to best perform in market conditions.

(The data below is supplied by and all accounts are myfxbook_verified.fw – updated every 5 minutes)

Euronis is only available thru select brokers

We closely monitor our brokers live spread:

Want to know how we use spread to make profits? – Click Here

How does it work:

Euronis is a hands-off solution

Euronis is a fully automated service. There is nothing for you to install, manage or adjust. When clients first start, they wait eagerly for their daily reports or monitor our live trading, after 2-3 months the typical client checks in with their accounts every 2-4 weeks. With Euronis you are free to do more interesting things and enjoy your life. Euronis does not handle client money. All financial transactions are between you and your broker. Euronis provides a signal service that you are in control of.

Funds Added

Once your account is funded, your account receives the Euronis trade signals.

Euronis Trades

Once live, there is nothing for you to install or manage – it’s 100% automated.

Daily Reports

You get daily profit and loss reports by email ( just like a normal account)

Euronis is free and here is why:

Brokers make agreements with us to run our system at their brokerage. By using Euronis, you are simply doing business with the broker and they make their money in commissions and spreads. That is true with any broker, whether you trade on your own or use Euronis. The difference is that because of our volume of business, the broker creates special conditions that allow our system to perform as well as it does. In the end, our clients get the performance and the brokers get the trade volume. Everybody is happy.

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