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What is Euronis?

Euronis is a Forex Trading Program that runs on the MetaTrader4 platform and independently via a FIX 4.4 connection. Euronis trades currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPCAD, EURCAD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPAUD, EURAUD, etc. in high volume. Euronis trades 24/5. Average trade duration is 1 hour. Euronis has been trading profitably since 2008. Euronis is a managed service. [ No downloading, configuring or updating required ]


Euronis comes with 5 years of live trading history.

Our #1 priority is your profitability, without satisfied investors we have no business. While we have delivered ‘above’ average returns for 6 straight years, we are humble and do our very best to deliver a high quality and transparent product. We truly care about your profitability as much as you do, which is why we work daily on our code and continuously analyze the Forex landscape. We trade 100% of our personal investment capital with Euronis, so our interests are in-line with yours – Euronis makes profits for everyone just the same.

The Euronis Trading System
Yearly Trades
Yearly Pips
% Yearly Gain
Years lost money

Performance: The Proof Is In The Profits

We believe in transparency. We publish our live accounts via 3rd party tools for all to see. Transparency shows our gains and our losses. While our average trade time is only 57 minutes, we are long term traders with a proven strategy. Our code is always being improved and adjusted to best perform in market conditions.

Click on these performance chart icons for LIVE results


Live Account Performance verified by

The charts below are updated hourly from July 22, 2014.


Live trading results from our Retail accounts since March 2011.

( No two brokers will perform the same )

We work with a variety of Brokers, Banks and Hedge Funds…

    • ForexTime

    • FXOpen

    • JFD Brokers

    • Gallant Capital

    • Alpari NZ

    • PepperStone

    • Tier1FX

    • SquaredFinancial

    • Sensus Capital

    • LMAX

    • Alpari UK

    • ATC Brokers

    • IC Markets

    • Vantage

    • Deutche Bank

    • Saxo Bank

If your provider is not listed, contact us


We closely monitor our brokers live spread:



Fees | Simple and Transparent

Each broker varies between $8 and $9 per round turn lot traded.
The setup fee includes a suite of services described at signup

Our brokers configured special core spread only accounts ( no markups ) with per lot fixed commission.
These special accounts enable our tight entries and exits to the market.

Brokers provide these accounts for us only because of the volume of business we bring;
ultimately benefiting your performance.

Commission Only

  • Commission Only – No Performance Fees
  • No Spread Mark Ups
  • One-Time Setup Fee = $200 USD
  • Enter/Leave as you wish


All accounts are opened with a broker ( not Euronis – we don’t handle client money ) and commissions/fees are handled between you and your broker



How it works:

Investing in anything is serious business. Only ever invest money that you can afford to loose. The profit you make is supplemental income (and lucky you to have that luxury!) We have been trading since 2008 and have seen many traders and investors come and go. If you are interested only to trade for 1-2 months, then don’t bother starting with Euronis because you can never know when profits will shoot up or when draw down might arrive. We care FOR and ABOUT our clients investment objectives. We are real people and take trading serious. When you are ready to trade “Euronis Style” here is the basic idea of how we work for you:

Euronis does not handle client money.
All financial transactions are between you and your broker.
Euronis provides a signal service that you are in control of.

Your broker will apply funds to the Euronis Account

Funds Added

Once your account is funded, your account receives the Euronis trade signals.
Euronis Trades Automatically

Euronis Trades

Once live, there is nothing for you to install or manage – it’s 100% automated.
Daily P&L Reports sent daily to your email

Daily Reports

You get daily profit and loss reports by email ( just like a normal account)

Euronis is a Hands-Off Solution

Euronis is a fully automated service. There is nothing for you to install, manage or adjust. When clients first start, they wait eagerly for their daily reports or monitor our live trading, after 2-3 months the typical client checks in with their accounts every 2-4 weeks. With Euronis you are free to do more interesting things and enjoy your life.

User Reviews: We Value Our Hard Earned Clients Feedback

We realize that you are not the typical client in the FX world. You know what Euronis has done the past and what is should do in the future. You expect that we outperform the market, minimize risk and maximize profits. You also share your experiences, suggestions, fears and praise. Here is a small sample of your feedback:

“This is the longest winning Algo I have ever used.”

This is the Best Algo I have ever used. I have been with Euronis since 2009 where I was making $40K some nights ( and loosing some too ) with Euronis. Thru the years I have tried many systems and I have to say that Denis has made the best Algo for FX. 100% +/- gain every year that I left my money there, AMAZING!”
- Dmitri, Russia

I originally started with NordFX when you could run Euronis on your own. Since then that ‘self managed’ version has not been as good as the managed service. I am waiting until we see some better performance in 2014
Hendrik, Australia
I asked to be on the testimonial page because I am a real fan of Euronis. I took the chance to make money to pay for my apartment. I decided to give a larger deposit after 3 months of great trading. It worked and I have my apartment, MERCI!
Thomas, France
I was recommended to Euronis from a friend and after a long ICQ chat with Denis I decided to try Euronis. Since 2011 I have kept a good amount of money with Euronis and withdraw the profits. Today I have only profits in my account. Euronis wins!
Sara, Switzerland

I started with Euronis and the next day a 10% draw down came. I opened a support ticket and the guys and Euronis calmed me down. It then dropped another 10% and it made me crazy. I had to leave for holiday and when I came back 2 weeks later I was in the plus 15% – I have been with Euronis on and off since then.
Anup, India

Euronis is really a crazy EA! You can get very good runs and then some loss. It always makes money in the end. I have studied the system and agree with the way it trades. It always closes trades as fast as it can. News is not its friend. Thank you, very happy.
Francesco, Italy

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