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Euronis Managed Accounts

The key differences with our managed service are two factors:

  • Managed accounts use an advanced version of Euronis
  • It trades different strategies
  • It is built to manage larger orders, partial fills, special execution types and is tuned for the broker in use.

Euronis Managed Accounts Get our 100% best tech and are constantly updated to the best settings.

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Managed Accounts

Managed Account Enjoy Active Account Management. This means our algo is tuned for your risk preference and capital amount. Euronis is further tuned for optimal performance on your broker with respect to the brokers specific technical setup. Euronis will also trade a special basket of currencies and at extended time ranges.

Managed Accounts are Full Service. Nothing required by the individual or Manager.

How Performance Fees Work?

Euronis charges a 30% high watermark monthly performance fee. Our specialized version of Euronis is aligned with your goals of steady profits.