Euronis Trading Software Frequently Asked Questions

What is Euronis?
Euronis is Algorithmic Trading Software since 2009 - see
Do I need additional software to run Euronis?
Yes, it runs exclusively on MetaTrader 4 and 5 – see
Can I edit the code? What language is it written in?
Euronis’ code is proprietary and not editable, it is written in MQL – see
What can I control when using Euronis?
You enable trading, the size of your orders, the symbols you wish to trade, the execution type and time options
How long has Euronis been trading for?
Euronis core logic was formed in 2008 and available to trades since 2009.
How many people are using Euronis?
Euronis has been available since 2009. Impossible to know the true number of users.Β  It is currently listed as the top performing system on MetaQuotes – see
When does it trade?
20-22GMT Trade time is generally 1 hours before and after financial markets close.
Is it Risky?
Yes. Everything is risky. Especially trading FX.
What return can I expect from using Euronis?
Euronis requires spreads with zero markup. Performance is 100% dependent on broker price feeds and MetaTrader configuration on the broker’s side. Results typical produce over +100% gains over a 12 month period. Low drawdowns with 2 week recovery. See -
Can I use it on any broker?
Yes, Euronis is software that you install and control. You can use it on any MetaTrader 4 or 5 Platform
My Broker is in the USA or Japan – does it have FIFO or Hedging?
Euronis is available with FIFO mode for MT4. MT5 netting it does virtual hedge positions. – contact us for those versions
How can I use Euronis myself?
Euronis is available as licensed software
Can I backtest Euronis?
Yes. You can easily backtest with MT5. To you MT4 you will need Birts TDS -
Is MT4 or MT5 Better to trade with?
MT4 and MT5 have the same trading core logic. Some brokers do not offer MT5. Some broker have different trading conditions for MT4 and MT5. Trading varies and Broker settings are NOT STANDARD.
How much does the Euronis License Cost?
All clients pay a One-Time $100 License fee to start with a monthly pay option or no fee thru selected brokers. See -
Do you offer a refund?
No. Once the license is issued it is considered used. We cannot see or control what you do with your account.
Can I get a demo account?
Yes with your One-Time License Fee of $100
I have more than one account and different brokers, can I trade Euronis at all my brokers?
Yes. The cost depends which monthly pay option you choose. Selected brokers have no cost. Most accounts will have a monthly subscription fee.
Can you share your account trade history so I can be confident the results are real?
Yes. MyFXBook is the global standard in validating real accounts. We list monitoring accounts for various brokers to show how Euronis trades to the public. See -
How many copies of Euronis are available?
Copies are limited to broker capacity. We do our best to communicate with brokers to ensure the load of Euronis traders is not extreme as to move the markets. Liquidity is NOT unlimited. Some brokers have a small number of Euronis clients trading large volumes and some clients have a large number of Euronis traders with low trading volume. Depends on your risk setting and account equity.