What type of user are you?

Euronis serves 4 typical users from individual traders to custom solutions for risk managers. Euronis is software you run yourself. Contact us today to see how Euronis could work for you.

The private individual investor downloads a copy of our software and uses it under his/her full control. This is our monthly subscription model.

Managers run our software on their managed accounts under their full control or our optional management tools.

Private capital managers use Euronis to supplement portfolio performance as needed or allowed under their discretion

Bespoke solutions for Risk Managers to off-set flow within the performance of Euronis. these are custom solutions for high flow books

client discounts on referrals

High reward programme

Individual Investor

You are trade your own accounts the way you like. Euronis is an automated system with manual override controls for your discretion.

You control if it trades or not. You control the risk level. You control which currencies it trades. You control the days it trades. You are 100% in control of the software running or not.


Understand EA's

We assume you know what an EA is. An EA or Expert Advisor is an automated program with user defined inputs that executes trades with predefined trade logic on the metatrader platform

Dedicated Hosting

We assume you have your metatrader platform running on a dedicated windows computer. This computer must be running at all times to ensure Euronis can operate as designed. This can be located at your home with an uninterrupted internet connection to your broker or by renting a VPS from a reliable VPS provider with an uninterpreted connection to your broker.

Sufficient Margin

We assume you are operating an account within your margin requirements and that you understand what margin is.


MetaTrader 4 or 5

Euronis is built on the MQL programming language of MetaQuotes.net – to use Euronis you must have installed MetaTrader. Version 4 and 5 are different. Results vary slightly between them which is greatly dependent on how your broker has configured your account.

Live Broker Account

To trade Euronis you will need a live or real account to achieve any real results. We do offer a 7 day demo trial which is 100% refundable for testing purposes only.

Active Subscription

Euronis is a user controlled software program which is license to single users on single accounts. There is a monthly subscription fee managed by EALicense.org


Proper Installation

Like ALL SOFTWARE, Euronis must be installed correctly and configured to work for your conditions. This includes but not limited to: adding the expert into your metatrader folder system, configuring risk settings for your margin and risk appetite, ensuring your license is active, confirming the broker time and DST are correct and that your EA is enabled to trade among other things.

Proper Risk Settings

Forex trading is all on margin and with low risk settings your win loose amount will be small and with too high risk settings you could easily loose your balance quickly. Be smart, start small and don’t be greedy.

Active Monitoring

You should always watch our live accounts for how they are performing on REAL accounts. If you are winning more – please share this with us. If you are loosing more please also share this with us. We do not control your performance or the broker execution but we can always give suggestions when asked.

We are a small community of profitable traders and as such should always be in close communication with each other.

MAM / PAMM Managers

Euronis is available to managers with $100K in capital. We support most brokers and require a testing period to confirm execution is setup correctly and spreads are withing our trading parameters. Euronis can be offered as a self managed system for the manager or managed at our data centre location closes to the broker.

FUND Managers

Private Capital Manages use Euronis to supplement their trading. A common use is to increase profits at month end to recover from draw down in other areas. Another use is to reduce profit in other areas by trading Euronis in a loss with higher commissions or spreads.

RISK Managers

Euronis has the ability to trade specific currencies in any direction. Example: if your book has too many open orders of EURUSD in the long direction, we can enable only EURUSD in the short direction to off-set those orders. You control the volume and enable what days it can trade. This can be done with any instrument in either direction we support.

Client Referrals

Our clients are our business. Client can also refer friends and receive discounts on their monthly subscriptions. Refer four friends and you could use Euronis for FREE. Contact us

Direct Affiliates

Euronis offers Internet marketing professionals recurring revenue for new clients to Euronis. EALicense.org tracks all cookies, links, signups and payouts. We welcome creative marketers. Contact us or review the affiliate programme