What is the Euronis Advantage?

Short Answer:  Algorithmic Trading

Long Answer: Euronis is a highly advanced software package delivered in a simple and easy to use application. It runs on top of the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platform. It is available for individual traders to use independently at over 50 brokers worldwide.

Euronis uses capital for 2 hours a day
so you can trade manually or use another system for the other 22 hours!

Short Technical / Product Overview

Which global financial market does Euronis trade?

Since 2009 Euronis has thrived in the foreign exchange market.

Which currencies does Euronis Trade?

US Dollar, EURO, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and the Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar

When does it trade?

Euronis Trades Sunday to Thursday Night for 2 hours. So you can use your capital during the trading day as you need. Optional AUDNZD Trades available and can hold trades for a long time.

Which trading platforms are supported?

MetaQuotes MetaTrader Version 4 and 5

Does it use specific order types?

Euronis uses Limit Orders with IOC / FOK Execution types to limit or eliminate slippage ( varies per broker ) we support positive slippage models.

Larger accounts and highly advanced brokers support partial fills - Euronis manages these situations individually to maximize performance and preserve capital risk.

Are Trade Copiers or Signals Supported

No. Euronis trades in a very volatile time with many order adjustments for pending and live orders. Spread spikes happen instantly and partial fills are impossible for trade copiers to manage. While it is true Euronis in a slow moving market with low volatility could theoretically be copied by a trade copier - when the volatility comes no trade copier can #1 keep up with the changes and #2 will loose sync because of partial fills and fast order adjustments. We do not support them and take no responsibility for the results of such tools.

Can I use my/any broker to trade?

While Euronis will run on any metatrader terminal, we have a list of 50 brokers that we issue licenses for. We expect this list to slowly grow. You can always request a broker review by contacting us

What is the Deposit / Leverage Minimum?

Euronis is software and has no deposit or leverage minimum requirements. Leverage is something every trade should understand or seek professional advice when using. Euronis will operate in any condition

Does Euronis support FIFO and No Hedge Brokers?

Yes, We offer a FIFO version for American Subscribers to our software monthly. This also supports no hedge mode.

Who can use Euronis?

Euronis is software. Anyone with a paid license can use the software

How to download and operate Euronis?

We use EALicense.org to manage our subscription billing, account licensing, and software download/update distributions.

How often is the software updated?

Forex is the most dynamic market in the world and because it changes often so does our software adapt. You can expect 10-12 updates per calendar year.

Have a specific question?

Contact us here - we're happy to answer

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