📈 How to start trading the Euronis Scalper at Solidary Markets:

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  • Account Type: Real ✅
  • Version: Euronis v1.274
  • Broker: SolidaryMarkets.com
  • Backtesting: Enabled
  • Pricing: Free in our group

What is the Euronis Advantage?

A True Scalper

With just TWO Hours average hold time, Euronis is the one TRUE SCALPING STRATEGY without gridding or the notorious martingale method (which only has a good ending for the broker)

Goodbye Slippage!

Euronis uses Limit Orders for entry and TakeProfit - for the best execution and no slippage in everyday conditions

Easy 1 Chart Setup

Drag and Drop Euronis on any one single chart and it will do everything automatically

Advanced Visual Analysis

One chart shows all your trades, risk level, lots volume, profit, loss and net gains - plus it shows you the schedule of trading times!

Software Updates:

When a new version is available, you will be emailed a notification and a download link. These updates contain all the latest settings to ensure your trading is in-line with our monitoring accounts