Private Investments by Euronis

This is a private offer by invitation only.

OFFER TO: receive the trading benefits of Euronis in exchange for a 30% monthly performance fee. Limited to $100K (or usd equivalent) per brokerage.

Euronis is a highly specialized trading algorithm with focus on Forex Trading in the first and last hour of the financial trading day. 

The algo was originally created in 2009 and has since evolved with every passing year. It is managed full time by its owners, Denis and Nick, to produce triple digit returns each year.

All investing comes with risk of loss. Forex is especially risky and while Euronis has many safety measures in place, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Risk Settings and Performance

Risk settings are set to 5% loss per trade. This means that worst case scenario, you could lose 5% of your balance per trade if the trade closed at the maximum loss.

Performance is based on calendar months and has a target gain of between 10 and 40% gains which are 100% dependent on currency volatility and broker pricing. 

Here is our 2021 Performance:

Here is performance from 2009 comparing other investments

Overview of steps to get started:

  1. Agree to terms ( 30% monthly fee)
  2. Open brokerage account
  3. Fund with initial deposit
  4. Send login account/pass
  5. Euronis trades for 2 weeks
  6. After 2 weeks, decide stay or go
  7. if to continue, make your full deposit
  8. trading resumes and each month a profit and loss report is sent.
  9. Optional: When the account reaches 50% gain – withdraw 50% of your original deposit and the other 50% when gain reaches 100%.
  10. Optional: Continue for year 2

If interested….

Submit this form and Nick will contact you by email to organize a time to answer all your questions