FXOpen PAMM Request

Market Cycle Follower

Current Offer

  • Offer Name: Start100Free
  • Trade updates: Daily
  • No Performance Fee
  • Minimal Balance: $100 USD
  • Maximal Balance: $800 USD
  • Account Capped at: $1000 USD*

This is a special free offer to give everyone an opportunity to join our managed account. Contact us directly for larger account management.

*We offer this as a ‘no fee account’ with a maximum balance of $1000. Once your balance reaches $1000, your account is disabled until you withdraw to $800.

Since 2009 we have averaged over +200% gains. In 2017 we experienced a 40% loss. We stopped trading after that loss and re-engineered our algo. After 2 years of no public trading, we are now re-starting.

PAMM Link: https://pamm.fxopen.com/en/Pamm/EuronisCOM

To join, you will need a password. We ask that you send us your contact details so if there are any changes to the account we will notify you so you are not surprised. Of course if you have any questions about us or the account, please use the form below for that too.


How to find account number - click for image