Euronis Product Security and Authenticity



✅Official Downloads:

There are only 2 ways to get a genuine copy of the Euronis software:


📁Required Files:

There are only 2 files that run Euronis

  • Euronis_version.ex4 – for MetaTrader4
  • Euronis_version.ex5 – for MetaTrader5

🚫Counterfeit copies and .DLL Files

Euronis does NOT use a .dll file

🛡️Anti Virus Warnings

Authentic Euronis software will not trigger anti-virus software

⚠️Counterfeit software risks

Counterfeit software is inherently dangerous and poses a number of risks.

  • It exposes you to virus and malware attacks. It lacks sufficient security measures. This can leave the door open for hackers and might have serious implications for you or your business.
  • It can result in corrupted files and data loss. You might lose important personal files
  • You will not receive critical security updates. This might cause severe damage to your computer and account.

If you inadvertently purchased counterfeit software, we suggest contacting the seller to request a refund.